Research Facilities

Preparing samples in the lab

The Licht Lab and the department of Earth and Space Sciences at UW provide many different resources relevant to sedimentary geology.

  • The ESS Rock Preparation labs website, designed by the Licht Lab, allows you to schedule and get trained to our various rock prep pieces of equipment (including pulverizers, heavy mineral separation labs, thin sectioning equipment…).
  • Our on-site LA-ICP-MS facility includes a Laser G2 and two ICP-MS (quadrupole Icap-rq and single Collector Element 2) for U-Pb dating and elemental analysis of hard rocks (website in development).
  • The MSE user facility on campus is great facility for SEM imaging and XRD analysis (including several STF-funded machines, free of use for students).
  • Isolab is ESS state-of-the-art laboratory for stable and clumped isotope analysis.

Connect with us

The Licht Lab is part of several international research networks, including:

  • The Myanmar Paleoclimate and Geodynamics Research group, that brings together international and Burmese scientists to study the geological record of Myanmar.
  • The Quaternary Research Center, a community of scholars fostering interdisciplinary environmental research at the University of Washington through strategic investments in seed grants, expeditions, seminars, workshops, and the publication of the journal, Quaternary Research.