Sedimentary logging in the Bison Basin

The Bison Basin Open-house field camp in Wyoming

Every summer, we bring volunteers for one to two weeks of training to geology field methods. This fieldtrip is open to everyone, UW students or not, and cost-free.

Activities include training to sedimentology and sedimentary logging, paleomagnetism, structural mapping, paleobotany, and rock recognition in the field.

This initiative is co-led with my paleontologist colleague K.C. Beard from the University of Kansas, who also bring volunteers to train them to fossil prospection and identification.

Our training sites are located in the Bison Basin, Wyoming, a well-exposed and understudied area that we are slowly documenting thorough the years. We commonly camp in the nearby mountains.

If you are interested in joining us, email Alexis!


Talk at Eastern Yangon University, Winter 2017

Outreach activities in Myanmar

Find more about our outreach activities in Myanmar on the MyaPGr group website: here.