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The Licht Lab is deeply involved in teaching Sedimentary Geology at the University of Washington. Here is an exhaustive list of the current classes taught by members of the team.

ESS 455 – Stratigraphy (Winter quarter):

Lead Instructor: Alexis Licht

The course introduces students to the basics of stratigraphy. It familiarizes them with the basic tools for interpreting the age, geometry, and architecture of sedimentary archives. It has many applications, from paleo sciences that reconstruct Earth history (paleoclimatology, tectonics, paleontology, paleobotany) to economic geology and the study of ore deposits and petroleum reservoirs.

Prerequisite: Evolution of the Earth (ESS 213).

ESS 456 – Sedimentary Geology and depositional environments (Spring quarter):

Lead Instructors: Alexis Licht, Charlotte Schreiber, Chuck Nittrouer

The course introduces students to the principles of sedimentary facies analysis, including survey of modern processes that produce sedimentary sequences. Students are trained to the recognition of various depositional environments represented in the geologic record, including terrestrial, marine terrigenous, and carbonate environments. The course includes several fieldtrips to different depositional environments (two of them being required).

Prerequisite: Evolution of the Earth (ESS 213).

ESS 400 – Summer field camp (Summer quarter):

Lead Instructors: Alexis Licht, Alison Duvall, Darrel Cowan, Mike McGroder

The summer field camp is UW Earth and Space Sciences traditional field course with 6 weeks of field work in Dillon, Montana. Projects include mapping, constructing a stratigraphic column, and learning field techniques in fluvial geomorphology. It is ideal for students who wish to pursue field-based research in a graduate program.

Prerequisite: ESS 211, 212, 213 and one of ESS 311, 312, 313, or 314 or permission of the instructor.